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What others have to say ...

Musician Market is a great resource for finding good used musical instruments, and hard to find band gear. I found a great used guitar (Les Paul) for a steal.
- Dave Ramsey

Thanks Musician Market for providing a way to hook me up with good music equipment. I followed the links for some new gear, and now do regular business with your partners.
- Randy Toller

Thanks for putting us in the Musician Showcase. Our band has received quite a few hit from your site, and we appreciate the free publicity. Keep adding those links to new and used musical equipment - they are helpful.
Karen Steen - The Moodsters

I got some excellent used musical equipment and instruments from your site. Keep adding new articles on recording - the ones I found are great! Also, I checked out the site and found a good source for getting my band's CDs pressed. Keep up the good work, guys.
-Doug (the King) Samton

Just wanted to thow in my two cents! The dealers that Musician Market works with are excellent. I found my perfect acoustic guitar thank to the helpful sales staff. BTW, I really like the 'Shop 'till you Rock! slogan. My kind of store!
- Nellie Westerman

I really like the easy way of finding stuio equipment and accessories at good prices. I'm in the process of building a sound booth in my home, and you had everything I needed! I found some good acoustic wall treatment, diffusers, and free standing baffles. We'll be sending you a CD soon for consideration in the Musician Showcase!
- Bud Jaster

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Wayne Gathright with vocalist Rick Petersen

Throw Off Those Chains

Pass Around the Bomb
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Simple Treasures of Love

Featured Books/Videos
The Rock House Method Beginner Learn Rock Guitar Book

Rockhouse Learn Rock Guitar is a great combo program designed for students with little or no musical experience. Learn More...


Jam Trax Harmonica Book and CD

Practice soloing and learn to improvise in your favorite style by jamming with the live backup band on the Jam Trax CD. Learn the techniques of the professionals! The Jam Trax books provide suggested scales, chords, riffs, and progressions - in standard notation and tablature. With Jam Trax the band is always ready to jam - it's like carrying your band in your back pocket! Learn More...


SMT Xtreme Electric Guitar Book and CD

In Xtreme Electric Guitar, resident axe master Marshall guides you through a 10-lesson program that covers everything from strumming patterns and barre chords to mastering techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs. Xtreme Electric Guitar will arm your wannabe rock guitarists with all they will need to reel out those rocking riffs in no time. Learn More...

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Do you need help starting a band? Looking for a recording studio or producer? Can't find the right music equipment, band gear, recording equipment or used musical instruments at a good price? Need some music instruction books or CDs? Well, you have found the right place! Musician Market helps musicians from all over the world find the right stuff... come on in and browse the latest sales on guitars, drums, keyboards, stringed instruments, brass, and more.

Music Equipment is our business!

You can add your band information to the Musician Market link page by contacting us through email. The Musician Market will be expanding to include all aspects of the Musician experience in addition to offering new and used musical equipment. Soon, we will be expanding to have a musician blog page, helpful links to Music Producers and Record Companies, Indy Label contacts, Recording Studio listings, CD, DVD, downloads, musical instrument trading and auctions, a musician referral, helpful music related articles and advise, and much more!

If you have any music related articles to contribute or any comments at all, please let us know. If we use your article, we will put you in the the Featured Musician Showcase. We are looking for articles about studio recording techniques, recording gear usage and tips, musical instrument how-to articles, band success stories, tips on gigs, or whatever is on your mind.

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