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At Musician Market, you will find great deals on Electric and Acoustic-Electric Guitars. Whether you are a beginner guitar player or an experienced guitar hero, we can find the right one for you at a great price.

Electric Guitars (see all electric Guitars)

Fender Electric Guitars
 Fender guitars - used by the best county artists forever, but they rock, too! While the Fender Telecasters and Fender Strats had made many country hits, rock guitar gods such as Jimmi Hendrix used Fender guitars as well.


Gibson Electric Guitars
  The incredible long history of Gibson guitars is a who's who of rockers, started by the jazz artist Les Paul. The namesake Les Paul guitar, Flying Vs, and many other great models make Gibson electric guitars a favorite.


Ibanez Electric Guitars
 Ibanez has been around for years, but is relatively new compared to Fender and Gibson. However, the quality is just and good as most and Ibanez makes some of the best sounding electric guitars in the world.